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WI - Jerry O'Connell - Broadway Profiles - 1/21

Catch Jerry O’Connell & More on the Latest Episode of Broadway Profiles

January 27th, 2021 | By Lindsey Sullivan

Before it airs nationwide, we’re offering a look at the latest episode of Broadway Profiles. Hosted by Emmy-winning anchor Tamsen Fadal and powered by, this installment will air in New York City on January 31 at 6PM ET on WPIX. Be on the lookout for Broadway Profiles, the only nationally syndicated weekly theater news program, on your local TV station.

Featured this month:




    • Jerry O’Connell discusses A Soldier’s Play and how he still gets nervous performing on stage.



    • Chicago showstopper Mary Claire King breaks down her love of dance.



    • Wicked’s Ginna Claire Mason talks about teaching and reuniting with her co-stars for a special message to first responders and front line workers.


To find out where Broadway Profiles with Tamsen Fadal airs nationally, head here.

Enjoy the episode below!




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