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VS - Christian Borle - wide - 7/15 - Something Rotten!

Six Rotten! Moments with Christian Borle from Our ‘Hard to Be the Bard’ Music Video

July 21st, 2015 | By Ryan McPhee

The crew stormed Times Square with Tony winner Christian Borle and a bunch of Broadway fanatics to shoot the music video for the Something Rotten! track "Hard to Be the Bard." Check out the exclusive video, and after you've re-watched it at least a few times, take a look at some of our favorite shenanigans from Mr. Shakespeare and his diehards below. We all know him from his plays and sonnets, but the Bard really knows how to let loose!

The Bard Meets "Spongebob"
Those lunches and meetings Shakespeare's always lamenting? They're with unlicensed versions of cartoon characters.

The Bard Takes a Selfie

Oil portraits are so 16th century.

The Bard Closes His Tab 

Fact we learned on set: Christian Borle requires no less than seven garnishes per drink.

The Bard Needs to Pee

No bathroom breaks for Shakespeare. Or Christian Borle. We run a tight ship when filming.

The Bard…Uh…Yeah.

We're giving those arms a producing credit. Because they're producing a lot of feelings for us.

The Bard Gives In

Penning plays is a tough gig, but someone has to do it.


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