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James Corden Shares Set Secrets From Working on The Prom Movie for Netflix

August 25th, 2020 | By Caitlin Moynihan

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work with Meryl Streep? Tony winner James Corden is now sharing need-to-know information about collaborating with the Oscar winner on Ryan Murphy’s upcoming movie adaptation of the Tony-nominated The Prom. As previously reported, Corden and Streep are just two members of the extra-starry cast that we will get to see dance the night away when the film hits Netflix at a date to be announced.

“It was, without question, the most joyful time of my working life,” Corden said on the Variety and iHeart podcast The Big Ticket with Marc Malkin. “Any day you get to go to work with Meryl Streep is the best day of your life. That’s just a fact. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to tell you that she’s awful because like she needs any more praise. It’s just incredible. It’s intoxicating being in her company because she is a constant reminder of what’s important in life and particularly as performer, that you should take what you’re doing incredibly seriously, and you should never take yourself seriously for a second.”

After halting production due to COVID-19 concerns, The Prom resumed filming on July 23. Initially announced for a holiday release, it is unclear whether the film will still hit the streaming giant in 2020.

Like a true Broadway fan, Corden is missing live theater and dreaming about a time when we can all come together again. “It’s genuinely keeping me up at night.I worry about the theater. I worry about the bounce-back that I hope it can have and when that can happen and how it can happen and if it can.”

With The Prom set to release on Netflix and Broadway’s Diana making its debut with the streaming service, Corden wonders what would happen if more companies looked for ways to help the theater community. “I do think it would be great if there was some acknowledgement of of arts and artists that have come from that environment. I think it would be really in their best interests to try and support theater in that way, the Amazons and the Apples.”


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