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Sponsored Couples Casting - wide - 2/13

V-Day Special! From Jeremy & Ashley to Idina & Taye, 15 Broadway Couples We’d Like to See Pair Up on Stage

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we dream-cast 15 of our favorite real-life couples in musicals we’d like to see them…
Sponsored Lady Gaga - wide - 8/12

Gaga for Broadway! Five Fun Musical Comedy Roles for Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an international superstar known almost as much for her outlandish costumes and persona as for her…
Sponsored Mad Men Casting - wide - 3/12

Mad Men Fever! Here’s a Dream Cast for a Broadway Musical Version

We are so giddy for the return of Mad Men! After a year and a half break, the AMC…
Sponsored Downton Abbey Casting Feature - wide - 2/12

An Antidote for Downton Abbey Withdrawal: Dream Casting a Musical Version

Ever since the mesmerizing British period drama Downton Abbey ended its second season on February 19, we've been going through severe…