Frequently Asked Questions


What hours does the Broadway Across Canada Administrative Office observe?

Monday - Friday, 9am – 5pm EST

Summer Hours (May – Labour Day):

Monday - Thursday, 9am - 5pm EST

Friday, 9am – 3pm EST


How do I buy tickets and how much do they cost?

Single tickets go on sale approximately 6 - 10 weeks prior to the performance. To purchase single tickets click on "Get Tickets" from the Show Schedule page or charge by phone at 519.578.1570. Sign up for our Broadway Across Canada eCLUB   and get the latest show information, special offers, and our e-newsletter.

How can I view a seating chart for the Centre In The Square?

To view a seating chart for the Centre In The Square you can click here.

What happens if my tickets are lost or stolen?

Not a problem, if you have purchased from an authorized ticket source the Centre In The Square we have a record of your sales transaction and can accommodate you. Please contact your point of purchase as soon as you discover you have misplaced your ticket(s). We will confirm your seating and reissue your ticket. For security purposes the original tickets will be disabled and only the new tickets will be able to enter. Identification and payment verification will be needed if you pick up the new seats at the box office. If tickets were purchased through an unauthorized ticket reseller, we cannot guarantee replacement.


If you are at the theatre at the performance, go to the box office and they will be able to assist you. 



What is the performance runtime?

The performance runtimes vary for each show.  To find out the runtime for each show go here  and select the show or go to Shows tab at top and select the show. 

At what age can children attend shows?

 ticket must be purchased for every person attending the show, regardless of age. Parents should use discretion when deciding what shows are appropriate for their children.


Is there accessible seating available?

Accessible seating are available. For more information please contact the Centre In The Square Box Office at 1.519.578.1570.


Can I refund or exchange my single tickets?

No refunds or exchanges are given on single ticket purchases.

How do I purchase tickets to Broadway Across Canada/America shows in other cities?

Broadway Across Canada/America makes ordering tickets for family, friends and colleagues in a different city easy. For a list of cities within the Broadway Across Canada/America network visit or


Where do I go to get general information such as directions to the theatre, box office hours, and other services offered by Broadway Across Canada?

Click here  or you can go to the Theatre tab and select the venue at the top of the page. 

Where do I go to find out what other shows are playing in the Broadway Across Canada season?

Check out all of our Broadway shows  here or you can go to the Shows tab. 

What is the appropriate dress for attending a Broadway Across Canada performance?

There is no specific dress code. Some events such as opening nights will draw a dressier crowd. Most people enjoy dressing up to go to the theatre, but you will see people wearing everything from casual for a concert or movie to Sunday best or formal wear for theatrical performances.

How do I get on your mailing list?

The best way to get on our mailing list is to join our eCLUB.  It’s free to join and you get access to offers to local Broadway shows before they go on sale to the public.  Join eCLUB now!

What is the eCLUB?

The eCLUB is an electronic mailing list that is free to join. You can opt into receive exclusive Broadway Across Canada email offers and news. Joining the eCLUB is the easiest way to learn about all of our events and it lets you manage your membership and tickets quickly and easily. There is no obligation to purchase. CLICK HERE  to join.


What do I do if a performance is cancelled? What is the policy with regards to inclement weather?

We rarely cancel performances due to weather. In cases of inclement weather, we strongly recommend that patrons use public transportation where possible, travel safely and allow plenty of time to arrive at the theatre on time. During inclement weather, updates will also be posted on and on the Broadway Across Canada Kitchener homepage.  We recommend that patrons c.heck these sites frequently if there is a pending or occurring storm.


Why should I buy from the official and authorized ticket sources? What are the official and authorized selling locations for Broadway Across Canada?

Broadway Across Canada strongly urges all of our patrons to purchase their tickets through an Authorized Ticket Source which is the Centre In The Square. We do not recommend that patrons purchase tickets through unauthorized outlets, online resellers or other ticket sales operations. Broadway Across Canada is not responsible for tickets purchased on the secondary market.


When will tickets go on sale to the general public for a specific show?

Tickets go on sale to the public 6-8 weeks before the show is in town.  To have access to tickets prior to the public on sale, join our eCLUB by clicking here

I had an issue at a recent performance that I would like to speak to someone about. How can I contact a customer service representative?

You can reach us by e-mail at If you prefer to send written communication, please send to Broadway Across Canada, Attn: Customer Service, 12 Lawton Blvd., Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, M4V1Z4

If you have an emergency issue that needs to be addressed prior to a show, and outside of our normal business hours, please contact the venue. The Centre In The Square phone line is 519.578.5660

How can I purchase merchandise from a show?

Merchandise will be sold in the lobby pre-show and during intermission.

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I would like to purchase a large number of tickets for my company event or charitable functions. How do I do that?

Parties of 10, 20 or more are able to purchase tickets by contacting our Group Sales Department: 1.800.889.8457 or

How many people constitute a group?

Group minimums vary by performance, but are usually 10 or more tickets.  For more details click on to the Group tab at the top of the page.

Are there discounts available for groups?

Yes! Groups enjoy discount tickets to most performances. Discounts vary by performance and generally range between 10% and 25% off per ticket depending on your group size and performance selected.


Do I save any fees by booking a group?

Yes you do!  When purchasing through group sales you are avoiding the normal ticketing fees ranging from $10-$15.  There are still some fees for group tickets, but overall you will be saving by booking a group. 


Are there student or senior rates available to the show?

Many performances do offer special rate to student and senior groups. Please contact a group sales representative at 1.800.889.8457 or at to discuss the various options available to your group.

Is the show appropriate for children?

Each of our productions is unique and the age appropriateness varies by production. Please see the individual show pages for recommendations or contact a Group Sales Representative at 1.800.889.8457 or at to discuss the show content. 

Do we need to pay for our tickets right away or can we be invoiced?

Group clients may reserve their tickets in advance and will be invoiced for their seats to allow you time to collect funds from your group members. Our Group Sales Department can give you more details on the payment options upon reservation.

Do we need to wait until tickets go on sale to the public or can we book our seats now?

Groups are able to reserve their seats in advance of the general public for most shows. Group reservations may be accepted if a show is listed on our website.

What information do you require from me to order group tickets?

We need your group or organizations' name, contact person, mailing address, email address, and phone number for our contract. We also need the show name, show date and time, number of seats and locations. For example:

Broadway Across Canada
12 Lawton Blvd. Suite 200

Toronto, Ontario, M4V 1Z4


Show: Mamma Mia!
Date: March 6th, 2001
Time: 8pm
# : 52 Orchestra

Can I return tickets?

Once we receive your final payment and send you your tickets, there are NO REFUNDS or exchanges.

How do I receive my tickets?

We mail out tickets via Canada Post to the address supplied for the contract, once we receive the final payment.

What if I reserved 35 tickets but only need 32?

No sweat! You are more than welcome to adjust your group numbers as needed up until the agreed upon final payment date.  Please note the group minimum will need to be reach in order to access group tickets.


What if I reserved 35 tickets and really need 40?

Again, no problem! If you need more tickets than reserved, contact us as soon as possible and we will add additional seats to the order. We always do our best to find seats near your existing seats, but this is based upon seating availability.

Does my group have to be placed together?

Not at all! We understand some group members will love an up close experience while others prefer a balcony or terrace view. No matter where you are located, your group is sure to have a wonderful time. As long as the minimum group amount of tickets is met your group may spread out throughout the theatres – in various pricing levels, rows and sections.

I am bringing a large group to the show. Where can we park our tour bus?

Parking your bus is easy and may be arranged by contacting the venue directly.

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